Football 1940s

Football teams from the 1940s

1940 The very first Masters v Boys match played on 18th March 1940.

Front (l to r): Dickie Barham, Bill Riddell, ?, ? , Ron Bates, Peter Holgate.
Back: ?, Mr Cavill, Roy Partridge, Tony Chapman, Sid Bryett, ? , Cyril Walker, ? , ? , FA Scott, JH Taylor

1940-41 First XI

Front (l to r): Doug Clarke, Bill Riddell, Dickie Wheatley, Derek Wilson, Dickie Barham, Ron Bates.
Back: ? , Tony Chapman, Cyril Walker, Sid Bryett, Roy Partridge, Ben McCartney


1941 1A v 1B

1943-44 1st XI

Front (l to r): Don Hines, Roy Webb, Sid Bryett, John Baggott, Dickie Wheatley.
Back: Bill Taylor, Brian Tarlton, Ron Bates, Tony Flower, Des Slade, Jim Wilson


1946-47 1st XI

Front (l to r): John Gray, Maurice Gray, David Noble, John Tilly, Derek Boone.
Back: Keith Burton, John Woolner, Michael Gale, Roy Penny, Jamie Gilbert

1947-48 Junior

1948-49 prob U15

1948-49 2nd XI

1948-49 (approx) Old Bucks

1949-50 U14

Front row (l to r): Alan Evans, Alec McIntyre, Les Hawkes, Bruce Aves, ???.
Back: Mick Wooler, Alan Webb, Bert Burns, Eddie Cook, Vic Marshall

1949-50 Prob 2nd XI

1949-50 1st XI

Front row (l to r): Bert Hearn, Peter Hills, Roy Penny, Mick Cooper, Ken Bales.
Back: Derek Chapman, ???, Ken Chambers, George Kirman, Brian Brown, John Rendu




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